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Professional activities

Hradware/software design with microcomputers:

Consulting for ITEP Foundation, Pernambuco state, as coordinator of projects in electronics and computers, 1989-90.

Digital systems designer for Minerva Industries S.A.(paper manufacturer), with projects in instrumentation for cut width measuring and software for optimization of orders (Gomory's algorithm).

Consulting for Pernambuco State Industry and Commerce Secretary, where was developed a digital anemograph for wind measurements, 1982-83.

Digital systems designer for Mactronic Ltd., doing a power generator monitoring equipment, 1984.

Digital systems designer for Orbital Industries Ltd., implementing a microprocessor kit for teaching, based on Intel-8080 microprocessor, 1978.

Porting of CP/M Bios and other software development for Gerdau Group's Açonorte (steel manufacturer), 1980.

Designer for Prof. Miguel Archanjo Leal's laboratory (patology lab), where it was developed a digital cell counter, 1977.

Consulting for Physics Dept. UFPE (Federal University of Pernambuco), where I was the founder of Digital Systems Lab, from 1979 through 1987, and where it was concluded several projects:

Consulting for Elógica Microsystems Ltd, where I designed the first personal computer manufactured in Pernambuco. This computer could be used also as a mainframe terminal for IBM and Burroughs (now Unisys) machines with full protocols emulations, software selectable, and operate as a disk-less workstation with all software resident at the mainframe. For instance, it emulates all IBM-327X controllers, including printing services and terminal redirecting, and was the first (and only) in it's class for many years, 1982-85.

Consulting for Rhodia Nordeste S.A. (plastic and chemicals industry), implemented an apparatus for precision film thickness measurements, 1984.

Destilaria Agicam S.A. (combustible alcohol industry), developed a system for doing truck weighting digitally, 1986.

Consulting for Altronic S.A. (industrial electronics industry), where it was developed a full range of modules and data-loggers for data acquisition, including counters, analog measurements, temperature, communications by radio-modem, satelite or dial-in, 1996-98.

Consulting for Mr. Anibal Caribé, when I designed a digital voting machine, 1998.

Consulting for FRT Technology Ltd., where I developed a digital panel (LCD) for bus itinerary, 1998-99.

Consulting for Triad Tech. Ltd, where I developed a taxi meter, 1999.

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